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What are the codes for the Starview or TheBox?

The standard code for a Starview or TheBox is 4 zeros "0000". If you have input a password and locked the receiver.

The master password is "1668"

I have forgotten my password for my Eurovox? What are the codes for my Eurovox?

The standard password for a Eurovox is 4 zeros "0000". If you have input a password and locked the receiver.

The master password is "1004"

I am attempting to pay via Paypal however there is no 'Complete Purchase' button?

The absense of a 'Complete Purchase' button would indicate the you do not have a 'verified' Paypal account. For your security Eurovox.org requires customers to go through the Paypal verification process before making a purchase.

For details on how to verify your Paypal account, please log in to your account. Alternatively, go to the, contact us page and we can email you a Paypal invoice

What do you subscribers do you support?

It is up to you to find a provider and list of services they provide and to ensure that your signal levels are correct. We do not support any specific service providers. Most Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial receivers can be used worldwide, wherever Digital Video Broadcasting DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C standards are used. Again, please contact your intended service provider for assistance in obtaining CAM modules for their services.


What channels will I be able to get?

Due to the nature of transmissions on satellite, cable and terrestrial networks we cannot guarantee or control what channels you will have access to. Please contact your service provider for the list of services you can obtain. Your service provider may have additional terms & conditions that is your responsibility to adhere to.

How long are warranties for your products?

ll Cable and Satellite receivers are covered by our 12 month RTB warranty (unless a shorter or longer warranty period is specified by the manufacturer). If your item is faulty, please read the Returns section to arrange return of your product. We will ensure prompt repair or replacement of your product if it is faulty. When returning Cable or Satellite receivers, please ensure they are NOT modified with any unofficial firmware and any security seals are intact. If your item becomes faulty, we will repair or exchange the product within its warranty period. Please note: Remotes that accompany receivers are only covered for 3 months.

If you believe your equipment has developed a fault, please use the following as a guide to troubleshoot;

    * Ensure the receiver has the Free-To-Air software as supplied by Eurovox.Org and no hardware or software modifications have taken place
    * Ensure that you have relevant signal levels from the service you are connecting to (This may sometimes require a technician, please contact your service provider for assistance)
    * Follow the instructions in the manual to get the product up and running

If after following the above steps, you still believe that the receiver is at fault, please click here to contact us. The system will automatically allocate your query a tracking number and your support query will be assigned to our support staff.

If your item is not faulty, you will have to pay for return delivery and an additional handling charge of £10.

What software do the Cable and Satellite receivers come with?

All Cable and Satellite receivers come loaded with the latest FTA software. This Free-to-Air software allows you to receive the common unencrypted channels. We DO NOT modify software on the receivers or support unauthorised software. Please ensure you only load software that is produced and supported by the official product manufacturer. Read the product manual for details.